Indoor Swimming Pool

The indoor pool at Orbita SPA Hotel is 18 m long and 7 m wide, which makes it suitable for swimming. Its depth is 1.50 m and the water temperature is 30° С. The pool is open all year round and around it there are comfortable sun loungers overlooking the slopes of Rila.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

The outdoor pool at Orbita SPA Hotel is ideal for swimming – 25m long, 8meters wide and 1.40m deep. The water temperature is 30° C, which makes it a cooling experience during the summer months. Sun loungers and parasols are set around the pool in the sun, and the bar next door serves juices and soft drinks.

Indoor children's pool

The indoor children’s pool is an indispensable source of pleasure for our youngest guests. With dimensions 5 ml long and 3 m wide and 0.60 m deep, it is completely safe and suitable for our little friends.

Outdoor children's pool

Fun games and unforgettable experiences – this is our outdoor children’s pool. Measuring 6 m in length and 3 m in width and 0.60 m in depth, it shows our care for the youngest guests. The outdoor children’s pool has the possibility to warm the water during the cold winter days for all who are looking for strong sensations.