Surrounded by green forests, with a breathtaking view, Orbita SPA Hotel is your place to relax and recharge with new energy and positive energy. Orbita SPA Hotel is located only 25 km. from the largest of the three national parks on the territory of Bulgaria – Rila National Park. At the beginning of the national park is the biosphere reserve “Parangalitsa”.

The location of Orbita SPA Hotel allows a variety of activities both in winter and in summer. Kartala Ski Center is a favorite place for freeride enthusiasts. The resort also offers good conditions for skiing for children and their parents. During the summer months it is a wonderful destination for mountain tourism, rafting on the Struma River, mountain biking, fishing. Just 5 km away there is a horse base owned by the hotel. There our guests can get their first riding lessons. The proximity to wine cellars in the region allows the organization of wine tours.

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The location of Orbita SPA Hotel is a starting point to Southwestern Rila and various tourist routes in the mountains. Fans of mountain biking can take advantage of 4 tracks located near the hotel. In addition, it is easy, fast and very pleasant to ride a bike to the very center of Blagoevgrad.

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Rila Mountain is extremely beautiful in winter. Kartala Ski Center, 20 km away. from Orbita SPA Hotel, offers conditions for winter sports for young and old with guaranteed unforgettable winter vacations.

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Thanks to the many mountain forests around the city and the lack of industrial pollutants, the air in Blagoevgrad is clean. The winter is mild, short and almost snowless, the average temperature in January is 0.6 ° C. Summer is long and dry, characterized by low rainfall. The average July temperature is 23.4 ° C and the maximum measured temperature in Blagoevgrad is 41.6 ° C. The average annual temperature is approximately 12.6 ° C.

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If you are a lover of historical places, natural landmarks, monasteries and churches, or you want to try aromatic wines from local wineries, Orbita SPA Hotel is your place. This can be your starting point for day trips to the Rila Monastery, the Stob Pyramids, Melnik and Rozhen Monastery, the Rupite area.

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