Thermal Zone

Spacious, comfortable and cozy relaxation area, which has a large fireplace and soft or warm sunbeds arranged around it. A unique atmosphere that creates an incomparable feeling of calm and relaxation. The thermal area is free for hotel guests.

Specially designed for high-temperature sensations from 80 ° C to 110 ° C, the Finnish sauna of Orbita SPA Hotel is the place where, under the influence of the gentle heat surrounding you, mixed with the aroma of wood, you will get rid of the accumulated stress in everyday life and recharge your body with new energy. For an even more pleasant experience, the Finnish sauna of the Orbita SPA Hotel is designed with a panoramic window overlooking the forests of Rila.

Dry air in saunas and high temperatures have a beneficial effect on detoxification, relieve muscle pain, improve heart function, blood pressure and overall body tone. Using a sauna, combined with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, will help you lose weight and stay healthy. Say goodbye to toxins and fluid retention, relax and give new life to your body.

Contraindications – for high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, varicose veins, in young children under 7 years and pregnant women, in inflammation of the musculoskeletal system.

The herbal sauna is a variant of the standard sauna, the difference being the body-sparing heat mixed with the aroma of medicinal herbs. The herbal sauna has an extremely beneficial effect on the respiratory system, skin and hair. It is among the best therapies in the fight against stress and tension.

The steam bath is an excellent way to detoxify (cleanse the body of harmful substances). It radiates heat around 45 ° C at a humidity close to 100%. This has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and hydrating effects on the body. The steam bath has a very good effect on the nasopharynx, soothes respiratory diseases, restores reduced immunity from colds.

To have an unforgettable stay in our steam bath, it is designed with a panoramic window overlooking the forests of Rila.

Spacious, comfortable and cozy relaxation area, which has a large fireplace and soft and warm sunbeds arranged around it. Unique atmosphere that creates a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Thermal Zone hotel orbita infrared sauna 1

Our infrared sauna heats the body in a directional way, through heat radiators, without making the air too hot or humid. Thus, this ultra-modern facility is extremely suitable for people with respiratory or heart problems.

Thermal Zone hotel orbita turkish bath 006

The Turkish bath is the immediate successor of the Roman baths. In fact, the hammam is a massage on a large heated stone. The heat of the stone reaches the bones and helps with joint pain, and also relaxes the whole body.

Thermal Zone hotel orbita fitness 001

For your excellent physical shape or just for tone, our fitness center is at your disposal, equipped with the latest generation equipment – treadmill, cross-trainer, exercise bike, combined equipment with weights, free weights, a place for gymnastics and exercises.

  • 2 indoor pools (for children and adults) with a temperature of 30 degrees C, sunbeds, salt room, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, aroma steam bath, panoramic relaxation area with open fireplace;
  • The cards are valid for the specified period, excluding public holidays, when the hotel is busy;
  • During public holidays, please call the spa in advance to confirm.
  • Unaccompanied children up to 14 years old are not allowed to use the saunas;
  • For children up to 6 years, wearing diapers is mandatory. They must always be accompanied by a parent.